Yugi Muto
Appears in The Abridged Series
Crapsule Monsters
The Abridged Movie
The Other Abridged Movie
Debut Episode 1
Nicknames Yug
Age 14 (Possibly in the beginning) to 16 (Somewhere in season 2 around the 2nd christmas special)
Relatives Solomon Muto (Grandfather)

Yami Yugi (Alter ego)

Occupation Student and Duelist
Youtube account CardGamesFTW
Friends Joey Wheeler, Tea Gardner, Tristan Taylor, Duke, Serenity, Bakura (sometimes), Rebecca Hawkins (Sometimes), Mako (Sometimes), Mai Valentine, Yami Yugi, Ishizu, and Mokuba
Enemies Seto Kaiba (sometimes), Pegasus, Bandit Keith, Marik and his council of Doom, Yami Bakura, Ushio, The Big Five, Noah, Gozaboro, Rex Raptor (Sometimes), Weevil Underwood (Sometimes), Rare Hunters, Arkana, Yami Marik, and Dartz and his gang.

Yugi Muto is the protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. His body bears host of the spirit of an ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, Yami. Yugi tends to value his screentime and status as main character.


While he's normally sweet, and kind-hearted, Yugi has the tendency to point out flaws of something and occasionally breaks the fourth wall to prove that flaw. He sometimes questions his friendship with his current friends. Yugi does care about his friends but at the same time gets really annoyed with them. Yugi does care about his grandpa, but at the same time he gets annoyed with him and once plotted to kill him and regretted saving him from Pegasus. 

Yugi see's his trading cards as his true friends and has lustful tendencies to make out with his Dark Magician girl Card. Out of all the characters though, Yugi seems to have the most common sense, but at the same time can be gullible.

In contrast with his anime counterpart, this version of Yugi is much more of a jerk for the way he insults his friends.


Yugi became friends with Joey Wheeler and Tristan Taylor, despite the fact that they enjoyed tormenting him. He is also friends with Téa Gardner, who he not-so-secretly has a crush on and who not-so-secretly has a crush instead on his alter-ego Yami.

Yugi came into possession of an ancient Egyptian artifact called the Millennium Puzzle, which contains the spirit of a 5000-year old pharaoh. The pharaoh, calling himself Yami, became a second part of Yugi. It is often commented on that Yugi is not a good duelist but that it is in fact Yami that does all the work for him, which is then called cheating.

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