Yami Yugi
Appears in The Abridged Series
The Abridged Movie
Bonds Beyond Time Abridged
Debut Episode 1
Occupation previous Pharoah of Egypt

Yami Victor Yugi, also known as simply Yami, is the spirit of an Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh trapped in the Millennium Puzzle who hosts himself in Yugi's body, and is the Main Co-Protagonist.


Yami, as the main character alongside Yugi, is incredibly talented at children's card games. His other talents include mind-crushing people, killing gay clowns, and cheating at games, and he reportedly looks "damn good in a tutu." Yami personality-wise can be rather snarky, frequently scorning any of the less subtle edits that 4Kids was responsible for in the dub and mocking his opponents. Although he was once Pharaoh, he acts less like a noble king might and more like a selfish brat, as is most evident in Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged's Christmas Special #2 where Yami tells Yugi a story about "Slavemas," a holiday where every peasant family in Egypt had to give then-Pharaoh Yami their youngest child so that they could become one of his servants. It has also been suggested several times in the series that Yami is gay, but there were some that indicates he likes women making him bisexual.

Unlike his anime counterpart, this version of Yami is much more sadistic, taking pleasure out of killing his enemies, and makes more fun of his friends than Yugi. Still none the less, Yami cares about his friends, especially Yugi. Though he's much more annoyed with Tea the most out of all the characters, and loves to make fun of Seto Kaiba for being adopted.


Yami was the Pharaoh of Egypt about a millennium ago until he conveniently sealed himself into a Ancient Egyptian puzzle so that he could one day take control of a teenage boy (Yugi) and play children's card games in the present. Early on in his time inhabiting Yugi's body, Yami saved Téa Gardner from a mugger, which resulted in Téa falling in love with him and his sexy tutu-dressed moneymaker. After telling Seto Kaiba to "talk to the hand" and mind-crushing him, he became the billionaire's main dueling rival and so duels him frequently throughout the series. Yami's other enemies include Maximillion Pegasus, Yami Bakura, Marik Ishtar, Melvin, Anubis, Noa, the Big Five, and 4Kids. He has the power of looking good in leather (though he shares it partly with N*Sync) and, by Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Movie, the three Egyptian God Cards, Obelisk the Tormenter, Slifer the Executive Producer, and Mega Ultra Chicken. In an episode masquerading as the "last episode" as an April Fool's joke, Yami's real name is revealed to be Dan Green.

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