Tristan Timothy Taylor is one of Yugi's "friends", and is one of the most useless characters in the series, probably second to Téa Gardner. Tristan's only defining points are his extreme stupidity, and his voice (as it is commented on that "his voice gives him super strength ). Although Tristan can't actually duel, he does become the President of the United States at one point (with his voice as Vice President) fought in Vietnam, and is the reason the dinosaurs went extinct. It is later revealed that Tristan has the power to break necks with his mind, demonstrated by breaking Weevil's neck after his duel with Joey from 20 feet away. In some cases, such as when Duke Devlin and he are hanging off the side of a blimp, Tristan will say, "In another few hours, the sun will rise." However, no one, not even Tristan himself, seems to understand what it's supposed to mean. Mostly known for his sheer stupidity, Tristan is a recurring member of the abridged series, often coming out with random comments as well as verbalising stupid thoughts. Tristan has a crush on Serenity Wheeler, and fails miserably to keep it a secret.


  • According to Episode 53, Tristan has had a complicated issue with scissors in the past
    • When Tristan's voice dies in season 1, it is stated that he was killed by running with scissors.
  • He is a spoof of Barney The Dinosaur
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