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The first season of the series, this season features the entirety of Duelist Kingdom along with a whole bunch of sub plots. Memorable moments such as Yami's showdown with Pegasus, the loss of Exodia, and the first smile of Kaiba.

(The implications are astounding) all happen to occur in season one. Yugi-lovers should embrace this season as much as they can, because at the end of the season, the Domino City tournament begins and Yami hogs all the screen time.

Many memorable and notable minor characters make their first appearance this season, such as Mokuba and Bakura.

Season one seems to be the season of death, soul-sucking, and disappearance, probably which is a result of finding out that 4Kids wishes to cancel the show.

Highlights of the season include Pegasus' tournament on his private island, KaibaCorp's MMOCCG with annoying fairies, The Paradox Brothers' rhyming display, and who could forget the untimely death and ressurection of Tristan's Voice.

The days of muffly audio and low video quality have just begun.

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Deaths, De-Souling & Disappearances Edit

Season one - the season of countless injustices and morbid events. Take a look at what "unforunate" occurrences have happened during the season.

  • Grandpa turning into a mime and having his soul taken
  • Kaiba jumping off a building and disappearing
  • Pegasus "killed" by Bakura, having his real eyeball taken out
  • Mokuba kidnapped and having his soul taken
  • Kaiba reappearing only to have his soul taken
  • Tristan's Voice killed (Resurrected)
  • Tristan's New Voice killed (Not resurrected in shadow game)
  • Yami kills a Gay Clown
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