[Yusei] There's just no way that we can win, his cards are epic beasts. He duels too well because he's from another time.

[Yami] Listen both of you! He's gonna' rewrite history! He's gonna' wipe out our card games.

[Jaden] Never!

[Yami] Unless we break his massive monster into pieces.

[Jaden] Homies. We've been through so much stuff.

[Yusei] I had to hear Jaden rapping.

[Yami] That was rough.[All] Now it's time to take this sucker down!

[Jaden] C'mon guys, now it's time to blow doors down.

[Yusei] I hear'ya Jaden, now it's time to blow doors down.

[Jaden] So make your move 'cos I'm throwing a face down.

[Yami] Okay, just make sure you don't summon a gay clown.

[All] Now we've got to take this sucker down!

[Yami] My hairy balls will make sure he won't take us down.

[Kuriboh] Do-do-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-laa.

[Paradox] No! This can't be happening how do I take them down?!

[Jaden] We're gonna' beat ya! Oh Paradox! No doubt about it, our card game rocks!

[Yusei] As far as villians go in anime! I hate to tell you, you're just cliché.

[Yami] That's right you messed with the wrong show. We're not just anyone, we're YuGiOh!

[All] We're YuGiOh! (x17)