Introduced officially in Episode 42, Melvin is the dark half of Marik Ishtar created by years of physical abuse by his father (and live-action Disney movies). This caused Marik to create a friend out of sheer loneliness who could give him all the hugs he desired: Melvin. His existence has been hinted at since Marik's first encounter with Bakura, but was only confirmed after Odion was shot down by his own card, Mega Ultra Chicken. Odion's defeat allowed Melvin to regain control of Marik, and could now continue trying to destroy Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. He is known to work for 4Kids, a company wishing to end the series story-wise. Melvin also claims he cancelled Team4Star, an abridged making group that was famously banned from Youtube.

Melvin asks people for hugs, often with intentions of murdering them.

Melvin also makes an appearance in Marik Plays Bloodlines. He first appears when Marik was saying how he and Bakura had meant to tell the fans for a while now that "he and Bakura were-" and then got cut off by Marik changing into Melvin, Melvin then repeating the whole rest of the video chanting Kill Your Family from the Kill your Family Show.

His second appearance is in Bloodlines 9, when it's hinted that Bakura is scared of Melvin for when he appears, Bakura says he's going to a store, when he really just wants to get away from Melvin.

In this episode, Melvin introduces his knife, Mr.Stabby. It also shows that when he turned back into Marik, the only way Bakura knew it was the real Marik was by hearing his reaction to 'foxy boxes'.

Melvin also has his own Abridged song parody: Villain, a parody of Hero. The song is mostly about torture and pain, but is considered his version of a love song.

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