Marik Sebastian Ishtar III is the younger brother of Ishizu Ishtar, and a main villain in the second season of Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series. Shortly after his first official appearance in the series, he gathered an evil council, planning the destruction of Yugi and Yami. He believes himself to be the girliest man in the series, but Pegasus disagrees. Marik also has a large tattoo on his back that says "Die Yugi, Die!" in Egyptian hieroglyphics. Whenever Marik is censored in the series due to cursing, a voice yells "EFF!", instead of the traditional "BLEEP" sound effect. This is a homage to a character from "Perfect Hair Forever", who would also be censored by a loud "EFF!" sound. When he introduces himself before and during the Battle City finals to such heroes as Joey Wheeler and Téa Gardner, he takes the persona of "Malik Blishtar" (Malik is the pronunciation in Japan). This is an obvious play on his actual name, but none of the characters even realize this. Marik is also the only character to follow the show's plot. According to Melvin, Marik has terrible ways to kill Yami, like pushing him off a boat. In clips with his evil council, it becomes apparent that his evil scemes are not very well thought out or very evil. On several occasions, Marik is accused of being gay, but he denies it. It is heavily implied, however, that he is gay with Bakura on several occasions. It is never commented on openly. Marik and Bakura are famous for for two songs that are parodies off of Lady GaGa's song Bad Romance. The two songs are called Leather Pants and the same song but with different lyrics and that song is called Literal Pants. Alfred Hitchcock makes a cameo appearance in the song. The two songs are combined twice, the songs are called Leather Pants vs. Literal Pants, and leather pants + literal pants. Marik loves to brainwash people to do his bidding. Marik has the people that he wants to brainwash sign a contract that specifically says that whoever signs it will unwillingly change their name to "Steve" and will enable Marik to brainwash them. That also means that they are his mindcontrolled friends.

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